Better to Best: Thoughts on Global Health Care Systems

Sorry for the extra-long hiatus.

Posted in Medical School (General), PharmFree by reshmagar on April 15, 2012

This year has been something else. It’s been fun, devastating, satisfying, frustrating, and more all at once. I can safely say that I am confident I chose the right career path. As sad as this may sound, I really love working at the hospital. I love saying hello and good morning and smiling to everyone who walks by and talking to patients who most of the time think I’m in high school. I love working with the whole team to figure out what’s going on with our patients. I even love the cafeteria…especially now because post-call, chocolate chip pancakes really hit the spot. So all in all, that’s good. I’m pretty relieved about all of this. Hopefully, this love will be reciprocated and my patients one day will enjoy having me as their provider.

Anyhow, I’ve neglected this blog for way too long. It’s been a very busy year and during my free time, when I had hoped to update this, I instead decided to sleep, catch up with friends, or do non-productive things like watching way too much television on my computer or go to websites like this.

But I’ll be back in two weeks. I will be officially done with third year and taking a couple years off to serve as the American Medical Students Association PharmFree Fellow and then go to grad school. I’ll definitely be updating this with various things I’m working on or the many articles/emails in my inbox that I’ve archived for later. 

In the meantime, see how your medical school did on the 2011-2012 PharmFree Scorecard in terms of their conflict of interest policies.


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