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Don’t Pay Twice campaign featured in the British Medical Journal

Posted in Open Access by reshmagar on April 23, 2012

Don't Pay Twice campaign featured in the British Medical Journal

What’s the campaign about? For more information go to –
Thanks to the British Medical Journal for permission to put this up on (for a link to the article go here:

Earlier this year, the publishing industry attempted to take away the public’s access to taxpayer-funded research through the Research Works Act (H.R. 3699).

The bill threatened to charge the American public twice for taxpayer-funded research: once to fund the research and again to see the results. It would have deprived patients and physicians of the latest advances and slowed the pace of innovation so central to American leadership in science and technology.

Halted by the efforts of patients, students, and taxpayers, the Research Works Act was pulled by its legislative sponsors just hours after Reed Elsevier withdrew its officials support of the bill. In their strategic withdrawal, Reed Elsevier made clear it was not motivated by a change of heart, but by the overwhelming opposition and outcry, to the bill.

But the job to bring public access to taxpayer-funded research is not done. Support the Federal Research Public Access Act (H.R. 4004/S. 2096): shorten the embargo period to no more than six months, not a year, to public access and extend this practice from NIH to other key federal research agencies.

It’s the right thing for students, patients, and the economy.

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