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Support the Robin Hood Tax Campaign! The Incredible Hulk does.

Posted in Uncategorized by reshmagar on June 19, 2012

From Jennifer Flynn of Health GAP (Global Access Project)

Dear Reshma, 

What do you and Mark Ruffalo, Chris Martin, and Tom Morello have in common? You all want to see the end of the AIDS pandemic, stop climate change, ensure that we all have education, healthcare and a place to live, and you can all be a part of the launch of the U.S. Robin Hood Tax Campaign. Robin Hood has finally arrived in the United States – Check out this video for proof!
Today is the launch of the Robin Hood Tax Campaign in the United States.
Wall Street’s recklessness and the financial crisis it caused crashed our economy, and the progress we had previously made in fighting the AIDS pandemic has since been halted. But imagine if we could raise the funding we need to turn all that around–hundreds of billions of dollars not from ordinary people but from Wall Street itself.

A Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street would be a tiny tax of less than half of 1% on speculative Wall Street transactions that could generate hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The money generated could not only end the AIDS pandemic, but could create green jobs in the United States, strengthen domestic health care, education and infrastructure, and fight climate change. This tax is not a tax ON people, but a tax FOR people.

Can you help us launch this campaign successfully?

Are you in New York? Come out to our rally at NOON today in front of of JP Morgan Chase offices, at 270 Park Avenue, and join Robin Hood activists, speakers and supporters in launching this campaign.

Not in New York? Robin Hood supporters are rallying all over the country  – find the rally closest to you here.

Can you send this campaign video to everyone you know? After you watch the video, sign up to show your support for the campaign, and share it online through twitter and facebook. This afternoon, come back to the Robin Hood website to sign a petition to Obama in favor of the tax.   

Today groups across the country are joining together in the Robin Hood Tax campaign—AIDS activists, labor and community groups, faith communities, and environmental advocates.  Pushing Wall Street to pay their fair share won’t be easy: They have millions of dollars to lobby against us, but we have millions of people.

Spread the word, sign the petition and help us build the movement. Together we can turn this great idea into a brilliant reality.



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